Pre Purchase Building

I provide full Building Surveys reporting on all aspects of a property in as much detail as possible for clients throughout Brighton and the surrounding areas.

This involves a thorough inspection of all accessible areas of the property and preparing a comprehensive and informative written report with photographs, outlining any current problems, their causes and remedy, potential future maintenance, a conclusion and recommendations.

My experience in both building surveying and structural engineering enables me to provide detailed and informative reports, particularly where there are either known or suspected structural problems, and avoids the need for separate Building Survey and Structural Report.

In my industry there are three types of pre-purchase survey:-

  • Condition Survey
  • Home Buyer’s Survey
  • Full Building Survey
  • Within my practice I have the benefit of individual surveyors who specialise in providing Condition Surveys or Home Buyer Surveys.

I specialise in providing full Building Surveys.

My surveys are comprehensive and have a high structural content. Should there be any structural problems, my services enable my clients to avoid the need for additional structural surveys.

I produce a final report which will identify any major or minor defects and their possible implications, calculate possible costs of repairs and detail the results of damp testing on walls.

I will analyse damage to timber due to woodworm and rot, the condition of damp proofing, drainage and insulation and provide technical information referring to the construction of the property and quality of materials used.

I can also advise on the location of the property and make recommendations for any further inspections. If you’re based in Brighton or nearby areas and you’d like to know more, please get in touch with us today on 01273 276 956 or 07740 595 903.

Building Surveying

Professional and high standard surveys carried out by experienced building surveyors across Brighton and beyond.

Structural Engineering

Structural calculations, together with Building Regulation approval, are needed for the construction of projects on site...

Architectural Service

I have an in-house architect fully conversant with AutoCad which allows me to produce architectural drawings, floor plans, elevations...

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