Building Surveying in Brighton

Professional and high standard surveys carried out by experienced building surveyors across Brighton and beyond.

Once the works are finished, I will make a final inspection of the renovation or building to ensure that the specifications were adhered to and that the structure is sound. I will finish by reporting findings to my client and offering any advice.

I have been involved in the management of a wide range of projects, from the refurbishment of hotels to the undertaking of remedial external work for managing agents. Whether my client is renovating a retail property or converting properties into flats, I have the knowledge and experience required to offer all-encompassing project management services from plans right the way through to completion.

Party Walls

The Party Wall Act 1996 requires all building owners to give notice of proposed works which might affect the party structures shared with adjoining owners. For more major works this involves the preparation and serving of a Party Wall Award, designed to protect the rights of building and adjoining owners. For minor works, the cost of a Party Wall Award can be disproportionately high for the works involved and it is the intention of the Party Wall Etc Act that for such works, a single surveyor should act for both parties as a joint surveyor. I encourage communication between Building Owner and Adjoining Owners and am pleased to act impartially as Joint Surveyor.

There are three types of serving notices:-

  • Party Structure Notice
  • Three Metre Notice
  • Line of Junction Notice

A Party Structure Notice is required to be served on an adjoining owner when works are proposed which directly affect the party wall, including cutting holes to insert beams, cutting-in flashings and the removal of chimney breasts. The notice period required for a Party Structure Notice is two months.

A Three Metre Notice relates to excavating within 3 metres of a neighbouring building to a depth which is lower than the base of the neighbour’s foundations. The notice period required for a Three Metre Notice is one month.

A Line of Junction Notice is the least common notice type. It concerns the construction of a wall astride a boundary. The notice period required to build adjacent to a wall is one month.

The building of a wall which crosses over a boundary is the only type of construction which an adjoining owner can prevent. A building owner is required to serve this notice on his neighbour and if he hears nothing from his neighbour after 14 days then there is no choice but to build the wall on his own side of the boundary line.

An adjoining owner has 14 days to respond to any of the above notices, after which they are deemed to be “in dispute”. They are then obliged to appoint a Party Wall Surveyor, whose role involves liaising with all parties, preparing Schedules of Condition and preparing Party Wall Awards.


I act for both Landlords and Tenants who are party to full and repairing leases on both residential and commercial property.

I act for Landlords advising on breaches of the lease and preparing schedules of dilapidations and claims for serving on tenants. I also act for tenants in defending claims served against them and negotiating fair and reasonable settlements which do not exceed the limitation and caps defined under s18 of the Landlord and Tenant Act 1985 and ensuring the Civil Procedure Rules and protocol are adhered to at all times.

Disputes and Expert Witness

I am pleased to act as Expert Witness with regard to boundary disputes or disputes with builders, or between tenant and landlord.

Acting impartially, my reports are prepared in accordance with Civil Procedure Rule 35. My opinion will be given on the basis of my experience, knowledge and position as an Independent Chartered Building Surveyor.

I present my findings as independent, impartial and unbiased evidence for use in the Courts or during a Tribunal.

My clients include Brighton & Hove City Council, Brighton Housing Trust, local solicitors, private individuals and companies.

I adhere to rules of conduct and have complaint handling procedures in place.

If you are based in Brighton or the surrounding areas, contact me today and I will be happy to discuss your requirements.

Building Surveying

Professional and high standard surveys carried out by experienced building surveyors across Brighton and beyond.

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